New and Upcoming Instagram Features that You Should Know

New and Upcoming Instagram Features You should know - BaayTech

Facebook has recently integrated its Messenger IM platform with Instagram’s Direct Messages letting its users to have one unified messaging platform. Apart from this, the company has brought many new features like selfie stickers, reactions, disappearing messages and many more on Instagram. Today Baaythak is going to take a look at some of the new features that Facebook has brought and will bring in the near future to Instagram DMs with Messenger integration. You can also read about Best Apps for Creating Awesome Instagram Stories [September 2020].

Watch Together:

The company has added a brand-new Watch Together feature thus letting its users to watch the videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, movies and more with their contacts during the video call.

Disappearing Messages:

Facebook is surely getting inspiration from Snapchat. First, they introduced stories that vanishes after 24 hours in Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (just like in Snapchat). Now the company has also added support for ‘Vanishing Mode’ which will let its users to send the messages that will disappear once they are read or the chat is closed just like Snapchat messages.

Selfie Stickers and custom emojis:

With this update the company has now allowed its users to create different stickers from their selfies. Once you have made your selfies you can use them within the conversations. Users are also allowed to create custom emoji sets which can be accessed from custom shortcut.

Forwarding Messages:

With this new update now, Facebook is going to allow its Instagram users to forward the messages to up to five users through chat window.

Chat Personalization:

Now the users are allowed to customize their chat windows with different colors and other add-ons. The users can personalize the chat windows individually or together.

Message Reply:

With the new update, users can now select and then reply to any specific messages just like in Telegram and WhatsApp. Now the original message will be seen in a box at top of the reply.

Animated Effect Messages:

Now the users can easily send as well as receive animated send effects in the chat conversations.

Message Controls:

For enhancing the chat security, Facebook has now decided to add Message control feature which lets the users to select who can message them and who can’t. This feature allows you to decide which messages will go into which section of the inbox.

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