Mass shooting shattered Vienna’s peace as 2 people killed and dozens injured

Vienna Terror Attack
Photo Credit: Twitter

The peace and calmness of Vienna has been shattered by the mass shooting at several locations which left two people dead and dozens injured. This incident has sent everyone into panic as the people were enjoying the music and in bars before a new coronavirus lockdown.

Vienna Terrorist Attack
Photo Credit: Twitter

According to the details multiple gunmen opened fire in Vienna at six different locations which includes one site near a synagogue. According to some eye witnesses, one of the shooters was shooting like a crazy man and it appeared that he was using an automatic weapon before the police arrived at the scene and opened fire. One of the witness while giving an interview to public broadcaster said that they looked like firecrackers then we realized that they were the gunshots. With one of the shooters gunned down, Vienna’s mayor has urged people not to come out of their homes as police said that a manhunt is underway for one of the assailants.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has called the mass shooting incidence a disgusting terror attack. He also said that as one of the attackers has been shot dead, there are several others who are roaming freely. Kurtz said that the attackers seems to be well prepared and well equipped with the automatic weapons. Vienna authorities has said that they are not ruling out the possibility that this was an anti-Semitic attack as one of the locations was a synagogue.

A huge manhunt is underway and police has urged the citizens to remain in their home. Helicopters were sweeping the skies above the Vienna city and the officers are erecting he cordons on the streets which were full of life few hours ago.

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