Kumar Sanu and the Melodious 90’s

All those growing up in 90’s cannot stop themselves from humming songs like,

tujhy dekha tou yeah jana sanam”

ik larki ko dekha tou aisa laga” 

khata tou jab ho k hum hal e dil kisi say kahayn”

mera dil bhi kitna pagal hay, yeah payar jo tum say karta hay”

tumhayn apna banany ki kasam khai hay” or

chura k dil mera, goriya chali” 

and many more like these.

One thing common in all these songs is the melodious and heart touching voice of Kumar Sanu.

Kumar Sanu whose real name is kedarnath Bhattacharya, was a household name throughout the 90’s and no Bollywood film was considered complete without his voice. Born in Kolkata, Sanu started his career with some regional films before hitting it big in Bollywood. His first major breakthrough was the 1990’s love story “Aashiqui”, whose music director duo was Nadeem-Sheravan. Kumar Sanu won Filmfare best playback singer award for the film.


After “Aashiqui”, he ruled Bollywood singing scene for next 5 years, winning 5 consecutive Filmfare awards for best playback male singer. He was awarded the Padma Shari in 2009, which is India’s 4th highest civil award.


Kumar Sanu sang duets with many female singers but his most famous pairing was with Alka Yagnik, Anuradha Podwal and Lata Mangeshkar. He also worked with almost all notable music directors of the 90’s including Nadeem-Shervan, Jatin-Lalit, Kalyanji-Anandji, Anu Malik and Anand-Miland.

Kumar Sanu is a nostalgia for 90’s kids and his wonderful voice brings vivid memories to many of us. Are you a 90’s kid as well? Did you also like Kumar Sanu? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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