Jeff Bezos’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Donates $4 Billion in 4 Months

Mackenzie Scott Donated 4 Billion in 4 months
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MacKenzie Scott, world wealthiest woman and former wife of Jeff Bezos has donated more than $4 billion in last four months to hundreds of different organizations after COVID-19 pandemic hit the lives of people hard.

Scott who was formerly known as Mackenzie Bezos gifted $1.7 billion to the groups which are devoted to race, economic equality and gender. According tot he reports, Scott said that the pandemic has hit the American like a wrecking ball. American have already been suffering especially the women and colored people. She added that she has enlisted a team of advisors who helped her in identifying 384 organizations all across US. She paid special attention to the organizations who are working to fight against hunger, racial inequality and poverty in different communities.


Scott lived under the shadow of Jeff Bezos while they were together and now, she has said that she is far from completing her giving pledge and has requested others to follow her lead in different ways like time, voice and money etc. She getting divorce from her husband, Scott became multi-billionaire and was added to the list of richest people in the world. Jeff Bezos gave 4% of the online retailer to her during their divorce. She ranked 20th in the Forbes list of world’s richest people index as she has got net worth of $56 billion.

Wealth of the billionaires has increased almost 80% during the COVID-19 pandemic and Jeff Bezos is the richest person in this planet with a net worth of $185 billion.

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