Jeff Bezos’ wealth crosses the $200 Billion barrier

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos who founded the company in 1994, has now broken a new barrier of total worth. Since the start of Covid-19 related lockdowns, Amazon has seen a soaring increase in its revenues and so as Jeff Bezos’s, who is now worth a mind blowing $202 billion.

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According to a recent data, Amazon’s stock skyrocketed this year and increased 86% since the start of this year, and a whooping 25% in the last three months. Only in this year, Jeff’s fortune has increased by $87 billion and it is soaring by every coming day. The acceleration in his wealth increase can be  judged by the fact that last month his net worth was $172 billion, which is now $202 billion. Jeff is however, not only managing Amazon but has also other ventures like in media and space travel.

Alongside Jeff Bezos, some other tech giants are also growing unprecedentedly during the pandemic times. These include Tesla, Apple and Facebook CEOs whose worth is also increasing exponentially.

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