Italian Village is giving away houses for free

Italian Village

In order to fight the depopulation, a village in Italy is offering to give away their homes for free. According to the details, Castropignano, a hill-top community which is located in the southern Italian region of Molise, has just 923 inhabitants as well as a 14th century castle.

The owners of the houses in Castropignano have expressed their consent to sell them for free. The nominal fee has been set at only €1 like many other villages and the towns. This offer has been made for achieving four things which are sociocultural integration, economic growth of the country, revitalization of the country and recovery as well as development of the historic centre of Cadtropignano and the helmet of Roccaspromonte.

For taking the ownership of these properties you need to meet some specific criteria. These criteria are as follows.

  • The private buyers can be Italian, EU or non-EU citizens but the businesses can also warmly welcome to apply. They are required to register with Italian Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture, Industry and Crafts. They are compliant with the social security and the welfare contribution and are not subject to the bankruptcy procedures.
  • Buyers are required to write to the mayor Nicola Scapilati with an outline of what they are looking to achieve like if they are looking to turn it into family home or tourist accommodation along with the skills, they possess to make it a success.
  • Once it is approved the buyers will have to sign public deed of purchase within two months. They must also be ready to pay all associated legal fees for purchase, apply for planning permission in order to renovate property within six months. Once the permit is approved, they can start working on it within two months.
  • The buyers have to deposit €2,000 with the local government as insurance in order to make sure that the buyers will go through with the project. This amount will be returned after three years once the project is completed.

Many towns in Italy are trying to reverse the depopulation trend and they are looking to sell old and abandoned houses at lower prices. In the past the town of Salemi in Sicily offered such properties. Some of them were with crumbling walls.

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