Italian town has only two residents, but they are following all COVID-19 safety protocols

Italian Town with only two residents
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In the COVID-19 pandemic era living away from the busy and crowded life is an ideal and welcoming thing. Now after almost a year has passed and people have understood that the main mean of transmission of coronavirus is through the droplets suspended in the air. That is why people all around the world are being asked to wear masks in order to save their lives.

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In these testing times there is something interesting going on in a helmet in Italy. There are only two residents Giovanni Carilli and Giampiero Nobili in the town of Nortosce but there are strictly following the SOPs issued by the Italian government. Both the residents of this town are senior citizens as one Carilli is 82 years and Nobili is 74 years old. Noth of them are not taking any chances though they have no nieghbours and they do not leave the town often. This town is located in Perugia province in Umbria which is very famous among the tourists. This town is located at 900 metres height and it is very much difficult to reach there.

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But both the residents are not taking any risks at all as both of them are wearing masks in order to keep them safe. Italy was the most severely hit country at the start of 2020 and they have made it mandatory to wear masks at public spaces. The government has asked the Italians to observe strict social distancing and the police are handing fines to the ones who refuse to wear masks or cover their face in the crowded cities of country. Carilli has told that he is scared of the coronavirus as if he gets sick there is no one to look after him. He said that he wants to look after his sheep, beehives, vines and orchard. On the other hand, Nobili said that they do not want to risk their lives by ignoring the safety measures.

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