Islamabad Police Have Decided to Introduce Street Watcher System to Curb Crime

Islamabad Police to introduce Street Watcher System
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Islamabad police is planning to introduce a Street Watcher System for controlling the street crime. With this system Islamabad police will depute street watchers at the streets as well as sub-sectors and their primary responsibility will be to inform the Police if they see or feel anything fishy in their area. They will keep an eye on the domestic servants and the security guards.

Street watchers will be in constant contact with the Islamabad police department wit the help of a mobile app. Apart from this street patrol units have also been made which are composed of 50 motorcyclists. They will conduct patrolling as well as checking various sectors and markets at peak hours. Each contingent would comprise of four policemen patrolling on two motorbikes in a bid to curb the crime from the capital. Islamabad police is and setting up an Air Patrol Unit which will have four drone cameras. These drone cameras will be used during the rescue operations. They will also ensure the safety of the tourists at the walking trails. They will also guide the lost ones.

IGP Islamabad, Amir Zulfikar Khan said that Islamabad police will left no stone unturned for the safety of their citizens. They will adopt the modern technology for improved policing. He was hopeful that the measures taken by Islamabad police will surely curb the crime from the capital city.

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