Is Your Partner Controlling You? NEVER Ignore These Signs

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People who are in a romantic relationship may find it hard to differentiate between possessiveness and manipulation. Trust and transparency are the main pillars of a healthy relationship. There are many occasions when a person who is involved with someone romantically, could fail to realize that his/her actions are not organic anymore and stem from the controlling mind-set of his/her partner. However, there are some signs which can be noticed in order to keep yourself safe from a manipulative relationship.

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Keeping you isolated:

It is sometimes ok if your partner is feeling possessive about you but your partner’s objection on your hangout plans with your buddies is definitely an extreme behavior. If they are trying to stop you from spending time with other people then it is an indication of controlling your mind-set.

Proving their innocence:

You partner is playing a victim card continuously. You will sometimes notice that if you try to have a conversation about the uncertain behavior of your partner, he/she will immediately make you feel embarrassed about it. The passive aggressive behavior of your partner during the conversation is also a sign that how they are blaming you for different things incorrectly.

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Gaslighting is a phenomenon when your partner questions about your perception of reality. Whenever you go to them for discussing a problem. Instead of talking about the problem and reaching a solution, they will challenge your thinking process. When you will ask them about a blatant lie that they told you, they will move away from the discussion or can call you a crazy person for pointing out their mistake.

Blaming you for smallest of issues:

Your partner blames you about the tiniest of the issues and hold you accountable for any of the mistake you have made. These are the clear signs that your partner is controlling you. At first, they will insult you and then will show you the love for justifying their actions. This will make you feel guilty that you are not acting according to your partner’s expectations.


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