Is Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi?

In recent days, it has been circulating in Social Media that Dawood Ibrahim, who is supposed to be India’s most wanted man, is living in Karachi. The reports, though unconfirmed, base these news on some documents released by Government of Pakistan. These documents suggest seizure of certain properties which may belong to banned organisations like Jammat ut Dawa, Jaish e Muhammad etc What interested most of the Indians and India media though, were some properties assumed to be belonging to underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim.

As per Indian side of the story, the documents have shown 3 properties in the name of Dawood Ibrahim, all in Karachi ,the economic hub of Pakistan. Based on this information, conclusions drawn by Indian media are that Dawood Ibrahim must be hiding in Karachi.

However, Pakistani government has denied any such charges, saying the information is not official and is not coming from the government.

Dawood Ibrahim is assumed to be the mastermind of multiple terror attacks in India, including 1993 Bombay (now Mumbai) bombings. India has been accusing Pakistan sheltering Dawood Ibrahim for nearly 30 years now, however, no clear evidences have been ever shared.

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