Is a regular sanitizer safe for your pet

Is a regular sanitizer safe for your pet - Baaythak (2)

As the world has been hit by a global pandemic, hand sanitizers have become a necessary thing that one should have all the time. In the past few months they have become a staple in our lives. But the question here arises is can the sanitizers be a staple for our pets as well?

We should know that sanitizers which are sold in market are based on alcohol. Typically a sanitizer contains 60 to 95 percent of alcohol which is in the form of isopropanol or ethanol. It is a primary component in killing the germs and also acting as a disinfectant but it is not the best option when it comes to our pets. Now the question here is how can we protect our pets from novel coronavirus.

Regular Sanitizers can prove fatal for pets:

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Sanitizers contain a large amount of alcohol as well as hydrogen peroxide which play important part in protecting us but when it comes to pets they do not have the same effect. Sanitizers used by us can be harmful to the pets when they come in contact with them. Their eyes can become blurry  and they can also experience lack of energy. They can fall unconscious or can show the symptoms of vomiting.

The Alternative:

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After seeing how much fatal the hand sanitizers are for the animals, many companies started manufacturing sanitizers made for the pets. The pet sanitizers are like antiseptic and they include premium essential oils as well as ingredients that are safe for pets. Pet sanitizers can protect the pets from harmful germs and bacteria.

Do Pet Sanitizers really work?

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Pet Sanitizers has got a little amount of Benzalkonium Chloride which is approved by the veterinarians. It is quite safe and acts as an effective germ-killer. Pet sanitizer works like any other antimicrobial agent which kills 99.9% of germs. So though it does not contain alcohol, the antimicrobial agent works effectively and kills the viruses and germs.

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