Instagram is working on carousel view for Stories on desktop

Instagram for Desktop
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Instagram is coming up with the updates to its app on regular basis. While the mobile version is receiving the design and overall look update, the desktop version has not been ignored as well. Last year desktop version of Instagram received the DM support. Now Instagram is testing a new interface for viewing the stories on desktop. The navigation will be the same but the way you see the Stories will be changed.

Instagram Stories
Photo Credit: Engadget

At the moment browsing the Stories of Instagram from the desktop version is not an ideal thing to do. The Stories appear in the single tile but it takes the whole page. Now it will be changed very soon as the company has started testing the new interface for the Stories on desktop. Now the Stories will appear in a carousel rather than a single tile. You will be allowed to see the stories automatically or manually. There is no option to move to the next story by swiping. It has now become easier to keep a track of where are you in your Stories queue. It has not been confirmed yet that this change will be a temporary or permanent one. If this change comes for the wider audience than the Instagram on desktop will be a very smooth and clean experience.

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