Instagram is no more a square photo sharing app – Adam Mosseri

Instagram is emphasizing on more video content
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The video posts in Instagram were first introduced in 2013 and since than it has added Stories, IGTV, Instagram Live as well as Reels. The company head Adam Mosseri has said that the app is emphasizing on more video content which include full-screen and recommended videos in the user’s feeds. He said that we are no longer a square photo-sharing app. In an Instagram post, he said that the main reason that people say they use Instagram for entertainment purposes.


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The announcement from Mosseri coincides with the TikTok’s decision to stretch the length of video from one minute to three minutes. Mosseri has also said that they are not just competing TikTok but also YouTube. However, some old influencers and photographers are not happy with the idea of focusing more on videos. They say that not everyone of them is equipped or have knowledge about the videography. Many critics are saying that Instagram is becoming another Facebook, which acquired Instagram in 2012. According to Alex Heath, it was destined to happen after the founders left.

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