Instagram Has Introduced A New Tool That Filters Out Abusive DMs Automatically

Instagram DM Filter

Instagram is coming up with a new feature which will detect and filter out abusive DMs automatically. This new feature is primarily for the public figures and celebrities who receive numerous unwanted and harmful direct messages.

Instagram is fighting against the hate speech and this new feature is part of that. In February, Instagram started to disable the accounts that were sending continuous harassing messages. Instagram is also filtering the comments which are about the appearance of character if a person.

Instagram DM

The new filter tool for DMs is optional and you can switch it ON and OFF according to your will. When this tool is toggled ON, abusive messages will be filtered out automatically and will be pushed to a separate folder. The filtered messages will no longer appear in the main inbox. If the users want to review the hidden messages, they can read, delete or report them.

Instagram joined hands with the leading anti-discrimination and anti-bullying organizations in order to create a preset list of abusive words as well as phrases. Each user can also customize his/her own list based on what they don’t want to see.

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