How to turn off Night Mode on iPhone camera

How to turn off Night Mode on iPhone camera

The Night Mode was introduced by Apple when it launched iPhone 11 series in 2019. This feature turns on automatically when your iPhone senses low light conditions and adjusts everything accordingly in order to provide you best results.

You can turn Night Mode off for individual shot but prior to iOS 15, Night Mode would return to automatic when you take a subsequent shot. With iOS 15, Apple offers you the ability to turn off the Night Mode.

How to Keep Night Mode settings on the iPhone:

In order to turn the Night Mode off for individual photo you are required to tap on the Night Mode icon located at the top of your screen when in the camera app. Move the Night Mode slider under the viewfinder towards left. It will be disabled for the picture. Night Mode will be reset to Auto the next time you open the camera app. If you move the slider towards the right-side the Night Mode will be set to maximum for that photo, after which it will be back to Auto for next low light photo.

If you want to turn off the Night Mode and then keep it off or set it to Max and then keep it there for the future snaps just follow these steps.

  • First of all, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Now scroll down to ‘Camera‘.
  • Tap on ‘Preserve Settings‘.
  • Now toggle on Night Mode.

Now the settings you switched Night Mode to will be remembered for subsequent low light images you will take with your iPhone. One thing must be kept in mind that this setting is available only on iOS 15 which is in beta phase at the moment. You also need an iPhone with Night mode feature in it which is iPhone 11 or later.

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