How to Scan QR Codes on Your Android Smartphone

How to Scan QR Codes on your Android
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Quick Response code or widely known as QR code that has been around for years but you may see rapid adoption owing to the coronavirus pandemic. The scannable barcode aims to carry the web links or the detailed information about any product in a very intuitive manner. These codes can now be seen everywhere like in restaurants and cafes to let the customers access the menus digitally through their smartphones. Most of the smartphones now a days are pre-loaded with QR code scanning capabilities through the camera application however there are many options available with 3rd party apps. Android users can scan QR codes through camera app or Google Lens. Here is the method to scan QR codes on your Android phones.

The method is very simple and easy as all you have to do is to point the camera lens to the QR code for scanning. In most of the cases it can be done with the native camera app on Android smartphone regardless of the fact that which model you are using. In some cases you may need to place the code at the center of the camera frame. If it fails to scan in the first go then you need to refresh the camera app. Samsung users would need to enable Bixby Vision within the camera to scan QR codes. Users are required to tap Bixby Vision icon in the top left corner of camera app. In the old phones the users need to enable QR code scanning from main settings screen.

If the old Android smartphone users are not able to scan through the native camera app, they can check out the free apps on Google Play like QR & Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader and Scanner. Though both these app has got more than 4-star ratings, users still need to check out latest comments as well as reviews on Google Play for more clarity. You can also use Google Lens that comes with pre-loaded on most of the Android phones.

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