How to Save a File in Photoshop

How to Save a File in Photoshop

Photoshop is a very handy tool which is used all around the world for editing your images. With this tool you can add some staggering effects which will turn your ordinary photos into piece of art. Now once you are done with editing your photos you need to save your work and Photoshop provides you various saving options like Save and Save As options. In the following tutorial you will learn how to save your edited photos while using Adobe Photoshop.

Using Save As Command:

For saving your file by using Save As command in Photoshop you are required to follow these simple and easy steps.

  • First of all go to File>Save As.
  • A dialog box will appear where you are required to type in your desired file name.
  • Once you have entered your desired file name you need to select the location for saving the file. (You should select a unique name for your file otherwise you may end up overwriting another file and eventually loss the original one)
  • After this you need to go to the Format menu and from here you need to select desired file format.
  • Once the file format is defined you are required to click on Save option.
  • While saving the file into the formats like JPEG or TIFF will provide some additional options. Now select the desired quality level and then click OK.

Save For Web:

  • First of all you are required to select File>Save for Web.
  • Now you will notice that a Save For Web dialog box will appear. You need to select desired File Type and Quality level from this dialog box.
  • If you are required to resize the image by typing in the dimension which are needed. The dimension will be defined under Image Size.
  • Now click Save and a new dialog box will appear where you need to type in desired file name and select the location for the file and after this click on Save.

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