How to Restore Deleted Photos from Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the most widely used service provided by Google. It provides an easy and efficient way to store and share your photos. It gives the opportunity of backing up data such as photos and videos especially for Android and Google Pixel phone users. It also provides well organized albums which are categorized in terms like faces, places, things, animations and videos. You can delete photos and access them again in 60 days, because when you delete photos and videos from Google Photos app it moves to the trash folder for 60 days if they are not permanently erased. Moreover, users of Android 11 and later version can recover photos and videos within 30 days and recovery of data will not happen if the trash folder or the content is permanently deleted from the Gallery app of the device

How to recover deleted photos from Google Photos

If you want to retrieve your deleted photos and videos you have to follow the following steps:

  • First you have to open the Google Photos app from your Android iPhone, iPad or tablet.
  • At the bottom right, tap Library and move to Trash folder.
  • Then select the photos, videos you want to restore. Touch and hold the photo or video.
  • By clicking the Restore option your deleted photos and videos will be recover and added in your phone’s Gallery app.
  • On PC you have to go to
  • On the left side of your PC’s screen you will see Trash folder, click the folder.
  • Then find the photos and videos you want to get back, click Select.
  • By clicking the Restore icon you will get the photo and video back in any album in which it was stored or in your Google Photos account


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