How to repost an Instagram story

How to repost Instagram posts - Baaythak
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Reposting of a story on Instagram allows you to share posts of other users as your own. You can repost the photos and videos in which either you are mentioned or not. In this tutorial we are going to tell you about two different methods that allow you to do so.

How to repost a story:

Lets start with the easiest method to repost a story on Instagram. In order to repost a photo or video as your Instagram story you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all open Instagram app and then select the photo or video that you need to repost.
  • Now you are required to hit the Share icon located below the post>tap Post to Your Story>tap Your story.

In order to repost a story from a user’s profile that has disabled the option for sharing photos or videos you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all open Instagram and then select the photo or video you need to repost as your story.
  • Now tap on the three-dots icon>select Copy Link>minimise the app.
  • Now you need to visit
  • Once the above-mentioned site is loaded you need to hit the hamburger icon and under the Tools, select Instagram Downloader.
  • Now paste the copied link under Download photo or Download video, depending on the post type that you need to share.
  • Now you need to hit Search and then scroll down to download the post.
  • Once your required file is downloaded in your phone, now go to Instagram>tap the Camera icon>select the downloaded photo or video.
  • Now you can edit the photo according to your preferences and once you are done tap Send to and hit Share.

These are two simple methods to repost someone’s post as your own Instagram story.

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