How to Mute Videos on WhatsApp Before Uploading Them

How to Mute Videos on WhatsApp Before Uploading Them

WhatsApp is coming up with loads of new features and one of these newly added features lets you to remove audio from videos before sending them in chats or adding them to WhatsApp Status. This feature is currently available on Android. The newly added mute video feature can be very useful if you want to share video on WhatsApp without the audio. Earlier you need to have a 3rd party app for editing and removing audio from your video but now it can be done directly in WhatsApp by using mute video feature.

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How to use the mute  video feature in WhatsApp:

  • First of all, you are required to install the latest version of WhatsApp from Google Play on your Android device. If you can not find the mute video icon then there is a fair chance that you have not received the feature as yet, as WhatsApp is rolling out the feature in phases.
  • Now open any WhatsApp chat.
  • Click on the attachment icon located at the bottom and tap camera icon if you want to record a video or tap the gallery icon in order to select a video.
  • Now you will be shown the video on screen and you can edit it. Tap on the speaker icon located at the top-left in order to remove sound from the video. Once you are done you can share the video without the audio on WhatsApp.

For iPhone app, it has not been yet revealed that when the mute video feature will be available. If you are an iPhone user then you have to wait for a while in order to get this feature.

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