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Google Forms

Google Forms is an impressive tool which can be used for creating online quizzes, surveys and questionnaires. In the following tutorial we will tell everything that you need to know about Google Forms. We will tell you how you can create a form in Google Forms and how check and share Google Forms.

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All you need to know about Google Forms:

How to Create a Form:

Creating a form in Google Forms is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to visit
  • After this you are required to hover over the + icon in order to start creating a blank new form. You can also select a template. In order to start from scratch, click on Create new form.
  • From the top, you can easily add the title as well as description.
  • In the box resting below you can add the questions. IN order to add more questions, you just need to keep on hitting the + icon from the toolbar on the right side.
  • In the floating toolbar you can find other settings like importing questions from other forms, adding a photo, adding a video, adding a subtitle and description and creating a separate section on your form.
  • In the whole process you can always click the Preview icon resting at the top right corner next to Settings in order to see how your form looks when others will open it.

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How to Design your Forms:

At this stage you are familiar with the basics of the Google Forms. Now is the time to design your form and for that follow these simple steps.

  • For designing the form click on the Customize Theme icon located next to the Preview icon. This will open the theme options.
  • You can now select a preloaded image as a header or you can also select to use a personal photo as well.
  • Now you can choose to go with the theme colour of the header image or you can also set it according to your liking. The background color depends of the color of the theme that you have selected.
  • Finally, you can select from a total of four different font styles.

Google Forms: Field options

When you create a form in Google Forms you can get loads of field options.

  • Once you have written your question, you can then select how you want others to answer your questions.
  • The options include Short answer which is a suitable option for giving a one line answer and then there is a Paragraph that will ask the users to give detailed answer.
  • You can also set the answer type to be as a Multiple choice, dropdown or checkboxes.
  • You are also allowed to select Linear if you want to set the scale for the responder, offering them to select from lower to higher options. Of you are required to have more columns and rows in the MCQs you can select Multiple Choice grid or the Checkbox grid.
  • You can also ask the responder to answer in the form of adding the files. The files can be photos, videos and documents etc. You can also set the maximum number if files and maximum file size limit.
  • If the question asks for specific date and time then you can also select Date and Time respectively.
  • If you want to create a duplicate field, you can do that by simply clicking on Duplicate. You can also remove a specific field by clicking Delete.

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How to Create a Quiz:

Now that we have covered all the steps for creating a form which can be a survey or a questionnaire. Now what need to do if you want to create quiz? Well just follow these simple steps.

  • For transforming your form into a quiz simply go to Settings and then click on Quizzes tab. From there enable Make this a quiz.
  • Below you can select if you need the responder to get the results instantly or you would want to reveal it later manually.
  • You are also allowed to select what your responder can see in the form of Missed questions, correct answers and point values. Now click on Save in order to close.
  • Under each question you are required to assign the correct answer and the points for it. In order to do that click Answer Key>tick the correct answer>assign the points>add answer feedback>click Save.
  • Now if the respondent will give a correct answer then they will be notified and be rewarded with full points. You can only check that by going to Responses tab and selecting the respondent by their email address.

How to Share Responses:

At the stage now you know how you can create a form, design it and then present it as a survey or a quiz. Here are the steps how you can collaborate with others in making the forms and how you can share it with others.

  • Collaborating on your Google Form is as easy as ABC. All you need to do is to click the three dots icon located on the top right and click Add collaborators.
  • Now you can add the emails of the ones you need to collaborate with or you can copy the link and then share it through 3rd party apps like WhatsApp Web or Facebook Messenger.
  • Once you are done and ready to share your form, click Send to share your form via email. You can also send it as a link. You can also shorten the URL plus there is also an embed option if you are looking for embedding the form on your website.

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How to see the replies

Google Forms can be accessed on Google Drive or you can also visit the Google Forms website in order to access the, for evaluating a particular form you need to follow these simple steps.

  • First of all, you need to open your Google form that you like to evaluate.
  • Once the form is loaded, you need to go to the responses tab. First you are required to disable Accepting Responses so that the respondents can not make any further changes to the form.
  • You can also check Summary tab in order to look at the performance of all the respondents.
  • The question tab allows you to evaluate the responses by selecting every question one by one.
  • At the end the individual tab allows you to evaluate the individual performance of each respondent.

That is everything that you need to know about Google Forms. If you have any further queries, let us know in the comments section below.

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