How to Change Ownership of Your Google Document

How to change ownership of Google Docs

When you create or upload a document on Google Drive, Google makes you the sole owner and editor of the document by default. If you need to change the ownership of your document to someone else in order to make them simple and easy to edit or share it. But you should keep this in mind that if you transfer the ownership of the document to someone else then you won’t be able to transfer the ownership back to yourself. The new owner will have the ability to remove you as well as change access.

You need to know everything about Google Docs before making someone else editor of your Google Doc. The owner of Google Doc can edit, delete, share and remove access of the editors as well as viewers. They can also invite others to edit or view it. On the other hand editor of the Google Doc can only edit and see the list of the editors and viewers. They can remove or invite people if owner allows them to do so. The viewer of Google Doc can just read it and the Commentator can only add comments.

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How to Change the Owner of Google Doc:

For changing the ownership of Google Docs you will have to open it on your PC or laptop as it is not supported in Android or iPhone.

  • First of all open the home screen for Google Docs and then go to that particular document which you want to transfer the ownership of.
  • In the next step click on the Share button located at the top right side of the screen and then type the name or email ID of the person you need to share the document with.
  • Now click Share. (if you’ve already shared the doc then just skip this step)
  • For changing the owner you need to go back to the Share option at the top and then click on the down arrow which is available next to the name of person.
  • Now click Make Owner>Yes and then Done.

With these steps the selected person will become the owner of document and you will no longer have the option to change the settings.

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