How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

How to Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is a very famous platform for sharing the links about some articles and the stories which are worth-mentioning. The influencers and the creators on Instagram often use the links to ask the followers to go as well as visit their work online, advertise the products and promote various brands. Earlier Instagram offered a Swipe Up option for adding the links to the Instagram Stories but it was replaced with the Instagram Stickers. The newly added feature will let the users to add the links anywhere in the Instagram Story. It is no longer limited to the bottom of the page.

How to add links to Instagram Stories:

Not every user on Instagram are allowed to add the links to their Instagram Stories. Only the ones having more than 10,000 followers on the social media platform or have a verified account or you represent an established brand can add the links to Instagram Stories. For adding the links to Instagram Stories, you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all, open Instagram on your phone and then swipe left to upload an Instagram Story.
  • Now add a photo or video and then edit it based on your preferences.
  • Now Swipe Up in order to open the editing tray and a Link option will be seen next to Poll.
  • Click on it and then paste the URL you need to share with your followers.
  • A portion of the link will be shown to any part of Instagram Story.
  • Now share your story by clicking on Share to option and then make it live. The link will be clickable for all of those who view your Instagram Story.


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