Hafeez Shaikh has decided not to resign as finance minister

Abdul Hafeez Shiekh

Pakistan’s Federal Minister of Finance Abdul Hafeez Shiekh has decided that he will not resign from the post after his meeting with the PM Imran Khan. Abdul Hafeez Shiekh had a very important meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan and in the meeting the PM expressed his confidence in Hafeez Shiekh and ordered him to continue his work as Finance Minister.

Abdul Hafeez Shiekh with PM Imran Khan

In the meeting the Pakistan’s premiere said that Abdul Hafeez Shiekh has a very important role in improving the economy of Pakistan. Abdul Hafeez Shiekh has also decided that he will not resign from the post and will continue to work as Finance Minister. On Wednesday, Abdul Hafeez Shiekh was defeated by former Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani in the Senate election on Islamabad seat.

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