There is a new AI interactive tool in the arena which is known as Generative Pertained Transformer-3 (GPT-3). It is the 3rd generation of machine learning model that can do some astonishing things. It is the most powerful language model that has ever been created. It utilizes the machine learning to interpret the text, compose the text precisely and answer your questions. It actually analyses a series of words, text and various other information and then focuses on the examples in order to deliver a unique output as an article or a photo.

GPT-3 processes a mammoth bank of the English sentences and extremely powerful computer models known as neural nets for recognising the patterns and decide it standards of how language functions. It has been equipped with 175 billion learning parameters that allow it to perform practically almost any task assigned to it thus making it bigger than second most incredible language model, Microsoft Corp’s Turing-NLG algorithm which has got 17 billion learning parameters. The language capabilities of GPT-3 are staggering and when it is processed appropriately by human, it can create creative fiction, sensible business memos and working code etc.

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