Google TV will soon have improved parental controls and Kids Profiles

Google TV

Last year, Google released Chromecast with Google TV which uses a modified build of Android TV. The modified software is still compatible with all of the Android TV apps but it has deviated in many important ways which includes how it handles multiple users. People were really upset and annoyed after the absence of parental controls and now they are coming to Google TV platform.

Android has offered multi-user support on Android phones and tablets since very long but very little functionality was ported to TV operating system. Android TV has only got an optional restricted profile where certain apps can be hidden with a 4-digit PIN code. Playstore, system settings and some storage folders are blocked in this mode. The implementation of Google TV is a bit different with limited multi-user support based on Google accounts but the secondary users can not set their own home screen, configure streaming accounts and have separate app data.

The poor multi-user support is a problem on something which is shared across off the family members but Google is working on it. A representative from Google has recently said that Google TV will soon be equipped with “Kids Profiles”.

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