Google Search is getting a revamped design on mobile

Google Search on Mobile

Working with the search engine of Google has been enhanced greatly over the years. The Google Search interface has got a very consistent design language on mobile devices for quite some time now. This is pretty much similar to the classic Google Search homepage which has seen few changes over the years.

Now Google has announced in the new blog post that it is bringing major revamp for the Google Search platform on mobile. The new Google Search design will focus on the simplicity as well as ease of use. The new interface of Google search engine will make the search simpler than ever and delivers to the users what they are searching. By providing the search results clearly and instantly will now take the priority over all else. In order to achieve all of this, the Google Search app will use larger as well as bolder text and in Google’s own font. The font will be similar to anyone who has used Android device or the Gmail app.

Many shadows through the interface of app have been removed. This will provide new results page which is flatter look while helping in quick loading times. The app will add spacing between elements, freeing the interface of any clutter so that you can focus on the results which you are looking for. Google has also suggested that the new interface will implement colours in order to guide the users to important information without any distraction.

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