Google Maps adds the features to navigate safely in the pandemic

Google Maps COVID-19
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Google has updated all of it’s products greatly in order to make them more handy during the pandemic and the newly announced features in Google Maps are also about the pandemic. Enhancements have been made in the COVID layer and live information has also been included about how busy are the buses and trains. This feature will help you in keeping yourself safe when you go out.

Covid Layer
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Google Maps is also introducing the Driving mode. In the near future the COVID layer on both Android and iOS versions will be updated which will show you all the cases in the given area. It will also serve the links to local authority resources. In order to help the ones traveling in the holiday season, the real time crowdedness information will be available for various different transit routes. It will let you see how busy your bus or train is going to be.

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Live Transit Crowdedness
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In the pandemic era when all the restaurants and bars are closed, takeout foo has become of utmost importance and at the places where Google Maps allows you to order food, now you can have live status updates. Tracking will tell you that when you order is expected and it will also tell you about the wait times and the delivery fees.

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Live Delivery Status
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Google Assistant Driving Mode which the users were waiting for a long time has finally been out in preview to the users in States today. There is a navigation mode which has its main focus on voice control so that you can keep an eye on the road. If location navigation is started, a pop up should ask you if you need to try it out. You have also got the choice to turn it on manually. For this go to Getting around>Driving mode section in the Assistant settings.

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