Google is Introducing Kids Space to Make Tablets More Kids-Friendly

Google is coming up with a Kids mode in the Android tablets which is known as Kids Space. This mode has got some kids-friendly features as well as content. It has also got the parental control feature so that you can filter the stuff which you don’t want your kids to see. Kids Space is making its debut on the Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 that has been unveiled today as well. Google has said that the kids mode will be available on other devices soon.

In past we have seen many tablets designed for the kids like Amazon’s Fire HD Kids Edition series plus there were many parental control apps that can be downloaded by the families. But now Google is coming up Kids space which will be available for numerous tablets. Kids Space allows the kids to have access to different apps, videos, games and books. The interface of Kids Space is very eye catchy and colorful. It is very easy to navigate and children can easily sort the content by topics like animals, vehicles, cooking and homework etc. Kids Space is the follow up of Family Link, an app from Google which allows the parents to create as well as monitor the Google accounts for their kids.

Google Kids Space

Lenovo has said that this is the key distinction in the current Tablet market. According to their research tablets are often used as shared devices among all the family members and as a result kids start watching the content for the grown-ups at a very young age. Lenovo representative said that they are marketing M10 HD Gen 2 Tablet as a product for the families to share as they don’t want special tablets for the kids that look like a toy. With this tab, users can create different profiles with their own preferred settings so that children can use Kids Space while on the other hand parents can use the normal stuff for the grown-ups.

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