German midfielder Toni Kroos criticises Qatar hosting the World Cup

Tony Kroos
Photo Credit: Twitter

German midfielder Tony Kroos has criticized the decision of FIFA to award next year’s World Cup to Qatar. He also said that it will be appropriate if we highlight the human rights issues during the tournament.
Tony in his podcast with his brother said that it is wrong to award World Cup to Qatar. Kroos said that the working conditions for the migrant workers are not ideal as they are working without breaks in 50-degree Celsius heat. They don’t have enough drinking water as well in such heat. He also said that Qatar has anti-gay laws in the country plus they are not a soccer country as well.
Kroos who was part of the World Cup winning team in 2014 has also said that boycotting the tournament was unlikely to have much effect and on the other hand drawing attention towards human rights issues during the tournament will surely help. Kroos who also plays for Real Madrid is currently out of the national side due to injury.
The human rights campaign was started by Norway by wearing shirts reading HUMAN RIGHTS and “Respect on and off the pitch” before its game against Gibraltar last Wednesday. Germany then followed up with their own slogan before the game.

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