Gandhi’s glasses auctioned in UK

A man came up with some old glasses, gave it to an auctioneer and said, “just throw them away, if they are worthless”. But when the auctioneer told him , “it may bring you around 15, 000 pounds”, the man got nearly unconscious. The auctioneer was Andrew Stowe and the glasses he judged worth 15, 000 pounds were glasses from Mahatma Gandhi, the founder of India.

courtesy: BBC

However, the auction of Gandhi’s glasses broke some records and it was auctioned at a whooping price of 260, 000 pounds (or around 340, 000 $). The glasses were gold-plated and were found in letter box of the auction house. The man who left the glasses, told later on that he got the glasses from his uncle who got them directly from Mahatma Gandhi. The glasses are believed to be gifted in 1920’s when Gandhi was working in South Africa.


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