Foods to consume in the monsoon season to stay healthy

Foods to consume in the monsoon season to stay healthy
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Most of the people enjoy the rainy season as they sit with a cup of tea with some bites of pakoras and samosas while watching the raindrops kissing the ground. The rainy season seems so romantic but at the same time it brings loads of health problems which will test your immune system. There are many allergies and illnesses which will make you feel uncomfortable.

In order to combat with these allergies and illnesses you need to have healthy, fresh fruits, vegetables and some home-cooked foods. Here are some of the food items which can be consumed to maintain better health during the rainy season.


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There are many seasonal fruits like plums, cherries, peaches, pomegranate and jamun which are full of vitamin A and C, antioxidants and fiber. But you should avoid pre-cut fruits as well as juices from roadside vendors. On the other hand, you are required to stick to high-quality fresh cut fruits and the juices which are made at home.

Green Peppercorns:

Green Peppercorns
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Green Peppercorns has got piperine, an alkaloid that has got many health benefits. It has also got significant amount of vitamins C and K. It has also got antioxidants that prevent serious diseases by deactivating the free radicals. They can stimulate hydrochloric acid production which in result can reduce gas and enhances food digestion. It can also help in reducing food poisoning risks as it has got antimicrobial properties which can eliminate the bacteria responsible for all the foodborne illnesses.


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you can use probiotics like buttermilk, curd, kefir and pickled vegetables in order to make your gut flora healthy. All of these can boost the growth of the good bacteria in the gut that will help you in fighting bad bacteria or any disease-causing bacteria.

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the proteins in your meals can increase the immunity plus it also let you recover from various illnesses. Milk and milk products, pulses, egg and chicken are some of the good sources of healthy proteins.


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Turmeric has got curcumin that has got antioxidant and antimicrobial effects. It inhibits microbial growth like MRSA and H. Pylori etc. It also prevents gastric ulcers and enhances immune response. It also helps antimalarial activity among other protective as well as preventive functions. If you take a teaspoon of turmeric as milk/latte along with honey or in hot water that would be ideal.

Ginger and garlic:

Ginger and garlic
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Ginger and garlic allow you to fight against chills and fever plus it can eliminate the congestion. Both have got the anti-viral properties and anti-inflammatory, antioxidant as well as antibiotic effects as well. Ginger tea is good for the throat pain. Garlic has also got antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Garlic can be added into gravies, soups, tea and chutneys.

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