FAU-G, Indian Version of PUBG will be Launched in October

FAU-G Indian Alternative to PUBG
Photo Credit: Twitter/Akshay Kumar

nCore Games is launching a shooter mobile video game along with the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar i.e. FAU-G. This game will be launch in the month of October. It will capitalize on the void that has been left by PUBG ban. PUBG is a Tencent’s popular game which is a Chinese tech. FAU-G (Fearless and United: Guards) has also got a level called Galwan Valley. In the month of June Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in brutal clashed that elft 20 indian soldiers dead. The clashed took place on a disputed border site in Galwan Valley. After these clashes, India banned many Chinese tech firms and app that were dominating the Internet economy of India. In the latest move from the Indian government on Wednesday banned 118 more Chinese apps including the famous PUBG game.

FAU-G which also means soldier will give 20% of it’s revenue to state-backed trust that will support the families of the ones who have given their lives for the country. Akshay Kumar has also made his contribution in setting up the trust plus he has also helped in the unique concept of a video game. GAU-G name has been suggested by the action hero Akshay Kumar and he is expecting to get more than 200 million users in a year.

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