Family Guy Season 19 starts with PSL Joke

Family Guy Season 19 Start with PSL Joke -
A screengrab from the show, showing Joe Swanson covering up his Karachi jersey with a grey jacket

One of the most popular and long running American animated sitcom ‘Family Guy’ has premiered its season 19 on 27th September with a joke of Pakistan Super League teams Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings.


In the first episode of Season 19, the main character Peter Griffin is seen spending some time with his friends at their favorite hangout. Peter’s friend Glenn Quagmire turns the conversation to the ‘foreign’ sports fans. Glenn is seen saying “On Saturday mornings, it’s just weird foreign sports fans, like those Pakistani cricket hooligans,”. The frame then shifts to two Pakistani sports fans wearing light green shirts with ‘Lahore’ inscribed on the front.

Family Guy Season 19 Open up with a PSL Joke -
A screengrab from the show, showing two Lahore Qalandars fans

One of the Lahore fans says in a desi accent, “If you’re not rooting for Lahore, please you may leave I can tell you,” his other friend adds, “Lahore cricketers are the best and the others are not the best, dear friends,”. The camera then focuses on Joe Swanson who is a Karachi fan. He is covering the jersey with a jacket as he has no death wish about Karachi Kings. What are your thoughts about this story? Share you thoughts in the comments section below.

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