Facebook has Launched Instagram Lite in 170 Countries With Lower Bandwidth

Facebook launches Instagram Lite

Facebook on Wednesday announced that they are launching a lite version of Instagram in 170 countries. The lite version will allow the people with poor Internet connection to access the photos and video sharing networking service. This lite version will be available for the Android devices and it needs less bandwidth than the traditional version.

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The lite version requires only 2MB of your storage versus the 30MB for the regular version. This lite version runs on the slower 2G networks, letting the customers in various parts of India, Asia, Africa and Latin America with older Internet infrastructure to access the service.

Instagram Lite

Tzach Hadar, the director of product management at Facebook in Tel Aviv, has said that the lite version uses less data so if you have got a small data package you will not run out when you will use the service. He also said that 170 countries didn’t represent a global launch but it is a step towards it. Instagram Lite has got most of the key features for creating as well as sharing short video clips.

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Hadar has also said that his team is working on a digital wallet for Facebook. He said that there are almost 2 billion people that have no access or limited access to bank and the financial services. There are billions of dollars spent just for fees for the migrants who want to send money back to their families. He also added that they are planning to launch Facebook Shops for the small businesses to sell the products online.

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