Eyebrows raised on Saudi media’s ‘White House dogs’ story

Biden with her wife - Baaythak
Photo Credit: Twitter

Two of the media outlets controlled by the Saudi government have caused a storm on the social media for their headlines for the stories about US president-elect Joe Biden’s pet dogs. One of the stories was shared by Al Arabiyah with the headline “the dogs return to the White House,” featuring the newly elected president Biden and one of his pet dogs.

In another media outlet known as Al Sharq Al Awsat, an article was shared which read that the dogs have returned in White House after four years absence. The photo attached to this article featured Joe Biden, his wife and a single dog.

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People all across the globe were furious on these headlines. Some of the observer said that Saudi Arabia is doing it on purpose. Many people also came in defence of the media outlets and accused the ones who are seeing something suspicious in these articles. One Saudi twitter user said that Saudis have not insulted anyone and one should stop being biased.


Saudis have benefited a lot from the Trump administration as they have a very strong partnership with Donald Trump who has helped Muhammad Bin Salman in many controversies like war in Yemen and the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Last year US Congressmen passed a bill in which they demanded the US administration to end the involvement in Yemen war but Trump used his presidential veto against it.

Trump also supported Saudi Crown Prince in the case of Khashoggi and gone against his own intelligence service as well as the lawmakers. Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018. Biden has been very vocal about the killing if Jamal Khashoggi and he once said that he would have punished the Suadi leaders.

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