Review: Diljit Dosanjh’s G.O.A.T

He is cool, he is stylish, he is humble, he is different, he is a new superstar and as per his new music album, he is the Greatest Of All Times. He is none other than Diljit Dosanjh, the super Singh.

The Turban wearing superstar launched his latest outing in times of Covid-19 pandemic and you bet, what a blast it is. Album starts with an Intro to Diljit’s achievements where he tells that nothing comes easy and one has to die to earn paradise. This also applies to his success, as he has been working hard for the last 18 years and now comes up with this album, where he can term himself as the greatest of all times. Diljit also thanks his audience right at the start and reveals that this is his 11th album, going with other 36 singles.

The first real song, which is also the title song of the album, is G.O.A.T. The song just captivates immediately with its energy and funky as well as meaningful lyrics penned by Karan Aujla. The song has already hit 60 million views on YouTube and is trending all over the world, not just on social media, but also on charts round the world.


Next in line comes “clash”, another peppy number with funky lyrics and lovely upbeat. At the time of writing this review, this second song has also already more than 30 million views on YouTube alone. Besides the official video of the song, Diljit has also made a fun video featuring Amazon’s alexa, asking to play the song clash.


Peed is a relatively slower number considering the mood of rest of the album. This song might be termed as one of the best songs of this album, if not the best. With a traditional and folk touch, the lyrics are deep in meaning and Diljit’s singing is also touching next levels. When all the hype around this album settles, people may declare this song as one of Diljit’s best in his career. The song also has a wonderful video, supporting its mood and already has more than 16 million YouTube views in one week. Around 3 million other views are for the audio version of the song.


There are a couple of duets as well, in which Diljeet has collaborated with female artists. One is “Track Suit” featuring Nimrat Khaira whereas other one is “Patola” with Kaur B. Both the songs are fantastic in lyrics and have a very cult punjabi touch. Songs like “Akh laal jat di”, “born to shine” and “faraar” will only cement his place as the best singers coming out of Punjab as well as India.

Diljit has released the whole album on YouTube and one can enjoy this modern day “Turbanator” who has touched newer heights of creativity and his art speaks for itself.

All in all, this album can be declared as the best music coming out of India this year so far. Whether one understands Punjabi or not, Diljit’s singing and style, meshed up with foot-tapping and head banging kind of music, makes the album a must listen.

What are your views on Diljit, his style, his turban and obviously his new album G.O.A.T. Let us know in your comments.

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