Did Sushant kill his manager?

Among different rumours on social media, there has been some reports that police and investigating agencies are probing on different possibilities of Sushant Singh’s suicide / murder.

The latest buzz is however, quite astonishing and different than what most people believed till now. There is another angle of investigation that Sushant might have killed his manager, either accidentally or under influence of some intake. After the alleged suicide of his manager, he might have realised that investigations may be directed towards him. As a result of either the fear of being caught and humiliated, or the feeling of guilt, Sushant might have thought it better to take away his life.

A promising actor who might have been burdened under a guilt

Experts say that even though this sounds like a conspiracy theory, but nothing is definite until it is proved otherwise.  At a time, when almost everyone is busy in debating nepotism and discussing Rhea Chakraborty, the investigating officers are throughly looking at the possibility of Sushant killing his manager.

Which turn the case takes, we may come to know in coming weeks but it is a tragic end to a talented and promising career.

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