Denmark follows Germany and Netherlands in Qatar World Cup protest

Denmark Football Team
Photo Credit: Twitter

After Netherlands and Germany, now Denmark has used World Cup qualifying games to draw attention towards the worker’s rights in Qatar which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Denmark players wore red T-shirts with the slogan “Football supports change” for the team photo before the kick-off against Maldova. Denmark easily won the match against Maldova with the final score 8-0 and started strongly in Group F.

Danish soccer federation has said that the shirts will be signed as well as auctioned for raising money for the projects with Amnesty International that will help the migrant workers in Qatar. Earlier Netherlands wore shirts with the same slogan. Norway and Germany also wore the T-Shirts in order to draw attention to human rights issues in Qatar. On Saturday, Norwegian team made a statement about the human rights once again ahead of their game against Turkey.

German players made a subtle gesture in the team photo on Sunday as they wore the shirts reversed with each name as well as numbers facing the front in the photo published on the official social media with the message “We are for 30” plus a hashtag “HUMANRIGHTS”

Since winning the bid to host the world cup in 2022, Qatar has been under pressure for living and working conditions of migrant workers who are building the stadiums, transport and various other construction projects ahead of the tournament. FIFA President on the other hand has defended Qatar and said that Qatar had accelerated social progress in the emirate after becoming the World Cup host.

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