Delhi – The Trio Arrested for Killing a Man who made Sexual Advances


The Delhi Police has arrested a group of three, including a woman after a man was found dead near his house. Last Friday, Delhi Police found a body near the stairs of his house in Wazirabad area of North Delhi.

After the post-mortem it was revealed that the man has been strangulated to death. The investigation, the police arrested a 24 years old lady along with her sibling and a friend for killing a man and then dumping his body on the street. According to Police Priya and her friends had assaulted as well as strangled Sahil at their home in Shastri Park during a brawl that initiated when he, after consuming too much alcohol, began making the sexual advancing towards the woman.  When the lady tried to stop him, Sahil burnt her with a cigarette. The group of three then got angry over this act of Sahil and the fight started. All three of them later throttled him to death with a belt.

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