COVID-20 – Conspiracy Theories on the Rise after a New Strain of Virus

A new strain of COVID-19 in London

There is a new strain of coronavirus that is spreading like wild fire and it has led to the introduction of tier four restrictions on millions of people who are living in England, Scotland and Wales over Christmas. Most of the European countries have imposed travel ban with UK.

According to the government advisors the new strain of coronavirus is easily transmitted than various other forms of the virus. #COVID20 was the top trend on Twitter and people were expressing their concern over what they have gone through in 2020.


World Health Organization said that they are in contact with the UK officials on this new variant of COVID-19. This new variant was first identified in Southern England in September. Britain has more than 67,000 deaths since the pandemic took the whole world by storm. . Europe on the other hand is facing new cases and deaths after the resurgence of coronavirus.  Many countries have imposed the restrictions in their respective countries.

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