Brain Eating Amoeba found in Texas City Water Supply

Texas Water Supply Contaminated with Brain Eating Amoeba
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The City of Lake Jackson, Texas is facing a disaster at the moment as the drinking water has been found contaminated with brain-eating amoeba. The city administration has requested the state to implement emergency as is under ‘do not use water order’.


The city administration in their request to the Governor Greg Abbott has warned that the impact of this threat will be disastrous and the damages may include sickness as well as death. the Brazosport Water Authority was warned by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality about the contamination of it’s water supply with naegleria fowleri. The authority initially prohibited 8 communities to use the water for any reason except for flushing toilets but then on Saturday it lifted the warning from everywhere except for the Lake Jackson. The advisory will remain till autohority make sure that the water is safe again for use. They will ensure that the water has been completely flushed and the tests are encouraging. They were though unsure that how long it will take the water to be safe again. The advisory was cancelled for two state prisons as well as for Dow Chemical’s Freeport works.  The city came to know about this fatal virus when a six years old boy for hospatilized for a rare brain eating amoeba i.e. Naegleria Fowleri.


Niegleria fowleri is a unicellular living organism which is commonly found in soil and warm fresh water. It infects the humans when contaminated water enters the body through nose. From nose it travels to the brain and then can cause a rare disease known as primary amebic meningoencephalitis. This infection usually occurs when people go to swimming and diving in warm freshwater places like rivers and lakes.


According to Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 34 infections reported in USA from 2009 to 2018. Many people were infected in the recreational water. Three of the people were infected after nasal irrigation by using the polluted tap water. One of them was infected by the polluted tap water used on slip-n-slide.

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