18 Bora Bora Island Basic, Fun and History Facts

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Bora Bora Island is a very astonishing tourist destination and many newly wed couples wish to spend their honeymoon in this mesmerizing island. It the dream of every couple to spend some days in the floating bungalows which are floating above the blue waters. Most of you out there may think that they know almost everything about Bora Bora. But there are many facts that you might not know about this mesmerizing sight. There are many factors that makes it very special and unique compared to other destination in the world. If you are interested in finding out the facts about Bora Bora just follow me as I am going to show you some staggering Bora Bora facts.

Basic Facts about Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is located in the Pacific Ocean and it has become the most popular spot for the tourist which they dream to explore. There are many facts that make it most famous tourist destination. Let’s have a look at some of the basic facts about Bora Bora.

  • Bora Bora Island is halfway between the U.S and Australia.
  • It is situated 230 km northwest of Papeete which is the capital of Tahiti.
  • It covers the area if 29.3 sq km.
  • The highest point of this island is Mount Otemanu which is 727 meters high.
  • This island is filled with the amazing lagoons and coral reef.
  • Bora Bora is famous for many luxurious resorts.
  • This island is completely pest free without any snakes and insects which are venomous.
  • There are many small islets around it like Motu Tapu, Motu Ahuna, Motu Tafari, Motu Mute, Toopuaiti and many more.
  • Bora Bora Island is famous for the dark pearls that the tourists can take home as a gift and as reminder of the awesome trip.

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History Facts of Bora Bora Island

there are many interesting historical facts about Bora Bora Island. Here are some of the history facts about this island.

Pora Pora

In the Tahitian language, ‘B’ letter is silent and it was originally called Pora Pora. Pora Pora in Tahitian language means ‘the first born’ referring to the son of the King Hiro of Raiatea who once ruled it. When the British settlers arrived on the island, they misheard it and it bacame Bora Bora.

Volcanic Eruption

Bora Bora island was formed by a volcanic eruption some 4 million years ago. Initially this island was inhabited till people from Tongan island came here. These people were the first ones to reach Bora Bora island. It was known as Vava’u at that time.

Captain James Cook

In the year 1769, Captain James Cook discovered Bora Bora. Captain Cook was on a mission to explore new territories when he came across this amazing island. From there missionaries were established there in 1820.

World War II

IN the WWII, Bora Bora Island served as the American supply base. This island was sanctuary for 6,000 plus US soldiers. The main supply line was from Motu Mute which made it the key location. There are 8 different canons fitted on different locations of the island. Only one of those 8 canons still remain as a reminder of the WWII.

Some Fun Facts about Bora Bora


In the Bora Bora Island almost everything has a meaning and this also includes the flowers. Some of them are as under

  • If a woman has a flower on her left ear then it means she is taken and has someone she loves.
  • If a woman has a flower on the right ear then it is the indication that she is single and looking for a partner.


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In Bora Bora Tattooing has a sacred meaning as the locals here has a strong belief that tatooing derived from the two sons of Ta’aroa (the God of creation). The tattoos on your skins are considered as a sign of beauty here. So it will be a great idea to put a tattoo on your skin while visiting Bora Bora Island.


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Bora Bora Island is a perfect location for shooting movies. A romantic flick Couples Retreat was filmed at the St. Regis Resort in the year 2009. among other movies that were filmed at this island are XXX, Hurricane, Island Fever and Sky Pirates. Popular TV reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians was also filmed on this location.

Bora Bora and Teens

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There are many teens in Bora Bora Island who fill the beaches during the day as well as at night. They arrange some exciting parties at night so you will never be bored. They will add a spice to your trip and will make it a memorable for you.

Beaches at Bora Bora

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Bora Bora is known for it’s breath-taking beaches which you will not find anywhere in the world. According to CNN, one of the beaches of Bora Bora Island i.e. Matira Beach is in the top ten list of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

Ocean Life

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Bora Bora has a very diverse ocean life. There are loads of species swimming in the lagoon and reefs. You can go for scuba diving and you will see some of the breathtaking creatures like reef fish, sea turtles, starfish, sharks and manta rays etc.

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