Best Apps for Creating Awesome Instagram Stories [September 2020]

Instagram is one of the most widely used social networking app that combines the photo sharing features like Flickr with some modern social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Most of the celebrities are using Instagram to share their daily life stories with their fans. You can share photos and videos with this app. Instagram has also got Stories feature which will allow you to add you photos and videos for a short span of time. These stories remain on Instagram for 24 hours.  If you want some eye catchy stories on Instagram you can use some awesome apps which will left your friends wonder that how you have come up with such beautiful stories.

Best Apps for creating Instagram Stories

Though the build-in tools in Instagram Stories are impressive and covers most of the basics. In order words they are enough to creating an impressive story. But if you want more than there are many 3rd party apps which will lets you create engaging stories. Here are some of the best apps that can be used for creating impressive stories.


Canva is an impressive app for creating impressive Instagram stories. I have personally used it and it is more than just creating engaging Instagram Stories. It allows you to create Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts. You can also create YouTube thumbnails, book covers and many more. It is very easy to sue application and will let you enhance your Insta Story greatly.

Canva App


InShot is another impressive application that can be used for creating stunning Instagram Stories. It is actually an image and video editor with loads of features. It has een equipped with many editing tools, filters and effects to enhance your images and videos. It has also got the option to add your own background music. Image editing with InShot is also very powerful as you have got the options to change the saturation and hue level. You can also add text and stickers into your Images and videos. Now you can also add GIFs into your videos.

InShot App

Adobe Spark Post:

Adobe Spark Post is also a handy app for creating awesome Instagram Stories. This app lets resize your images, add the text, stickers, slideshows and the video effects. You can also create a slideshow video from your images. Adobe is a household name and is famous for it’s powerful as well as featured-packed products and this one is in the same category.

Adobe Spark


StoryArt has especially been developed for the Instagram and it provides loads of different templates that can be used for creating your Instagram Stories. It has been equipped with loads of themes, design effects, text fonts and filters. Though some people say that it has been more tilted towards the female users but there are many effects and tools for everyone.

StoryArt App


Hypetype is an app that has it’s sole focus on text. Text plays a significant role in any Instagram Story and this is the reason behind developing this app. It has got loads of text effects, animated text, a camera app as well as animations to add into your Stories. Some of it’s features are free and some are paid.

Hype-Type App


TYporama is another text-based app for Instagram Stories. It has got some very impressive text fonts as well as effects. Some of them are irresistible and there are more than 50 styles and 100 fonts within this app.

Typorama App


SNOW is an impressive app for image and video effects. It has got loads of effects that will enhance your Instagram Story. It has also been equipped with loads of stickers, filters, color options and effects.


That was the list of some of the tools that can be used for creating some scintillating Instagram Stories. What are thoughts about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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