Ayesha Omar Opens Up About Being Sexually Harassed in Initial Phase of Her Career

Ayesha Omar Speaks about Harassment
Photo Credit: Instagram/@ayesha.m.omar

Pakistani actress, model and singer Ayesha Omar has come up with astonishing revelations about the irritating initial phase of her career as she has now opened up about the sexual harassment, she had faced for some years.


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Ayesha gave an Instagram Interview to BBC and said that she was harassed by a very powerful man twice her age in the initial phase of her career. She said that she was young, fresh pass out of college and the harassment thing happened that lasted for years. This interview from BBC also featured Rose McGowan who initiated the Harvey Weinstein #MeToo campaign. She also added that she didn’t speak about it for 15 years and finally spoke about it to someone just two years ago. Ayesha Omar also shared her views about the victim blaming and the burning issue of sexual harassment in Pakistan. She was hopeful that change will come once all the sane voices unite together for the women.

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