Arsenal is ready to pay off Mesut Ozil’s £18m contract to accelerate exit

Mesut Ozil has been offered £18million of his remaining salary from Arsenal in order to end the contract that has been a nightmare for them. Ozil still has one year left at the club according to the deal but he has not been seen anywhere after the restart of the season. You can also check out the news about Ronaldo considering PSG move after Juventus Champions League exit.

Arsenal is ready to pay off Mesut Ozil's £18m contract to accelerate exit

The German footballer was in Turkey when Arsenal won their 14th match earlier this month. He saw a backlash from former Arsenal player Perry Groves who called Ozil a selfish player. The Gunners were losing the game against Chelsea but then came from behind to win it 2-1 at Wembley. It also looks like the German footballer has decided to sit on the bench and see out the remaining contract but reports are circulating that the Gunners want to reach an agreement to end this disastrous deal. However Ozil are not going to get any new contract soon as there are no club at the moment who is interested in him. As for as Turkish clubs are concerned, I don’t think so that they will afford the money he will want from them. You can also check out the preview of the UEFA Champions League Clash of Titans.

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