Anker has introduced Nano II Series with up to 65W of charging power

Anker Nano II Series

Anker is a household name when it comes to charging your phone, tablets and laptops. The company is known for providing affordable wall chargers, battery packs and USB cables, all of them with enhanced quality over whatever you have got in the box from your phone’s manufacturer.  Now Anker is coming up with a new generation of its GaN technology along with a brand-new line of Nano chargers.

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It has been a while since the company switched to gallium nitride for it’s charging tech which allowed extra wattage in compact, smaller and portable form factor. All the three models are capable of shrinking even further in size thanks to the enhancements being made in both the heat dissipation and efficiency over last-gen GaN chargers. The Nano II series is now available in three different sizes in order to help you power the devices which you need to charge.


The new Nano II 30W charger from Anker is not as much larger than the original Nano 20W brick but it is now capable of charging a 2020 MacBook Air at full speed. The other 45W and 65W chargers provides extra power with some muscular designs but retractable prongs which makes it very easy to store it into your bag. The 65W charger is a very competent model which supports the latest 13” MacBook Pro and Dell XPS to name a few.

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All the Nano II series are between $30 and $40 so all you have to do is to choose the size that you require. Anker is using rolling pre-order shipments for all of the chargers and the first batch of Nano II 45W chargers is shipping on 31st May. 30W model will start shipping on 5th June and 65W brick will start shipping on 10th June. If in any case you miss the pre-order dates then you will have to wait for three more weeks in order to receive your unit. You should also keep this in mind that you will have to get your own USB-C cable since there won’t be on available in the box.

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