Android Apps of the Week that You Should Not Miss – 2nd Edition

Hello there, we have come up with 5 Android apps of the week which you should not miss out. Here are the five android apps that you should check.


Over is an Android application which can take your social media influence to a whole new level. It has been equipped with the tools which you require for creating stylish design composed of images and text. You can use the designs to impress your friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. You can also use them for creating gripping flyers and posters.

Over lets you select from a very wide range of canvas sizes and many of these sizes are perfect for various different social sites. After selecting the canvas size, it allows you to add images as well as text with option of loads of fonts and colors. It has also been equipped with many templates for making your social media posts irresistible. Once you are done creating your design, you can share it to the social media platforms or can save it as a JPG or PNG file.



ScreenHive is a very simple digital wellbeing app. Upon its launch it will put a floating window over your phone with a timer. When you will start using the phone, the timer will start. The main purpose of this application is to tell you how long you have been on your device in real time. It comes in handy for self-regulation that how long should you be using the device. Its window is very small and it does not interfere with usage of the device. It has not got any complicated menus as it is a simple app with simple execution.  You will just be informed that how long you have been on your device so that you can regulate yourself.


LitePass: to the Lite version!

LitePass is a simple app browser. Its purpose is to list each Lite version of any given app for easy reference. When you will find what you have desired for just click on it and download it from Google Play Store. This is a very simple and efficient way of tracking all the Lite versions of different apps and replacing all the battery draining apps with the lighter versions. It has got a very simple and straightforward UI which will let you work with it efficiently.

Image Credit: Google Play Store


Unexpected is a very interesting puzzle game with loads of interactive riddles. It has been composed of sixteen stories to play through with multiple endings as well as achievements to acquire. This game has got some adult content as well as some eerie stuff so we will not recommend this game for the kids. It has got very simple and smooth game’s controls and the art style is also very impressive. This game is free to play with advertising and if you are annoyed of the ads you can remove them by paying.


Sticker Maker:

If you are using WhatsApp, you will be aware of the fact that WhatsApp now has allowed to add stickers. Now along with emojis and GIFs you can also send stickers to your friends. There are loads of sticker packs available online but you can also make your own stickers. Thanks to app like Sticker Maker, making your own sticker is not a dream now.

Sticker Maker

For creating your own stickers, you need to first create a new ‘sticker pack’. Give it a name and then load up the image on your phone. Now just cut out the portion which you want to be as a sticker. You can do it manually or opt for the tools provided by the app for cutting a perfect square or circle. Sticker Maker is a very handy app for the ones who like WhatsApp stickers and wish to be more personalized.


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