Amir Khan has smashed his Mercedes into UK motorway barrier

Aamir Khan UK Boxer
Photo Credit: Instagram/@amirkingkhan

Aamir Khan and his family has escaped a brutal car crash on UK motorway after former champion lost control while driving and his vehicle slipped on the wet surface. The vehicle later crashed into a barrier. Aamir Khan recalled the incident as “being hit with a combo”.

Aamir Khan's vehicle slipped on UK motorway Aamir Khan boxer Instagram story

The 33 years old former UK boxing world champion was heading towards with his wife Faryal Makhdoom and daughter Lamaisah. Fortunately, all of them were safe and escaped the injuries. He also posted the images of the damaged vehicle on social media. Khan said that everyone was safe, his daughter was asleep at the time of collision in the back of the car but she is fine. Faryal was sitting at front and she is ok as well.

Aamir Khan UK boxer escaped a road accident
Photo Credit: Instagram/@amirkingkhan

This is not the first time, Aamir Khan has found himself in trouble on the road. 13 years ago he was convicted for reckless driving and was given a six months ban as well as a fine of £1,000 after he injured a pedestrian who was using a pelican crossing. He was again fine don 2008 and was banned from driving for 42 days after over speeding. In 2009 he was again involved in a crash with a cyclist. Aamir Khan has a great passion for the luxury cars and he has got a Lamborghini Aventodor (£271,000), a Rolls Royce Phantom (£233,000) and a Range Rover (£65,000).

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