All you Need to Know about Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz Photoshoot - Baaythak

Iqra Aziz is undoubtedly the most talented actress in the young lot of Pakistani Entertainment Industry. She has proved her versatility in acting after featuring in different dramas in different roles. This beautiful diva has many fan following on social media. She can be seen in Khuda aur Mohabbat Season 3. Her latest project on Geo Entertainment is smashing the charts. Khuda aur Mohabbat 3 is the first ever Pakistani drama that has crossed 50 million views on YouTube after its first episode. The Suno Chanda famed actress is married to a bit controversial Yasir Hussian. People are in awe of Iqra Aziz’s beauty and she look stunning in whatever she wears.

Iqra Aziz - Baaythak

Family Background

She is a hardworking actress and with her dedication and passion she entered in the brigade of highly paid actresses of Pakistani Drama Industry. She has played many versatile characters like you will see her in negative role, a very innocent girl next door or a lady envious about her love. She has played all of her characters with full determination and energy. Iqra Aziz was brought up by a single mom who is known as the first ever Careem driver. Her mother had a topsy turvy ride in her life but now all her hardships paid off as Iqra Aziz has become a successful woman. Iqra has one sister Sidra Aziz who has supported her in all think and thin. Initially, Iqra’s mother was not convinced that her daughter should join the entertainment industry but Iqra had a great passion for acting and at that time it was her elder sister who supported her.

Iqra Aziz with her Mother - Baaythak
Iqra Aziz with her Mother


Iqra Aziz with her sister - Baaythak
Iqra Aziz with her sister

Journey to Stardom

Iqra was just thirteen years old when she stepped into the showbiz industry. She appeared in a TV commercial initially and after that she came to limelight when she worked in HUM TV’s drama serial Kisay Apna Kahen. She played a supporting character in her debut drama serial.

After Kissay Apna Kahen she appeared in several drama serials like Deewna and Laaj but she was noticed in drama serial Mol where she played the role of 2nd wife of Faisal Qureshi. This drama was a huge success and Iqra Aziz career took a flight from here.


After the success of Mol, Iqra appeared in Choti si Zindagi opposite Shehzad Shiekh. This drama serial was the one that made her an established actress in the industry. She played the role of young and innocent girl who tied the knot at a very young age. The masses were astonished after seeing Iqra in Choti si Zindagi as she showed her true acting skills in this drama. After this she was applauded for her roles in Deewana, Natak, Dil-e-Janam, Gustakh-e-Ishq, Socha Na Tha, Gherat, Ishq Main AIsa Bhi Hota Hai and Khamoshi to name a few.


She played a negative role in drama serial Khamoshi which was praised widely by the general public and by the established actors. She was playing a role of a vicious sister who was eyeing at the man engaged to her sister. She came up with a power-packed performance and was appreciated accordingly. After this she appeared in dramas like Tabeer and Qurban. Iqra Aziz featured in the most popular drama serial in recent times known as Suno Chanda. In the drama she was playing the role of Ajjiya.

Married Life

Iqra Aziz is happily married to Yasir Hussain who is also a famous name in Pakistan Entertainment Industry. In the year 2019 at the Lux Style Awards ceremony she was proposed by Yasir Hussain in front of thousands of people which she accepted.

After the much hyped and a bit controversial proposal by Yasir Hussain she shared the photos of her engagement ceremony.

Iqra Aziz Engagement - Baaythak

Both of them later tied the knot on 28th December, 2019 and now they are happily married. Both Yasir and Iqra recently announced the pregnancy.

Iqra Aziz Wedding Card - Baaythak Iqra Aziz Wedding - Baaythak

Iqra Aziz Controversial Photos

However today we are sharing with you some of the bold photos of Iqra Aziz that you might have not seen before. Every celebrity at some point of time in his/her career faces criticism and controversy. Iqra too has faced backlash when she shared some of her bold and controversial photos. In an interview Iqra said that it is her personal life and no one has the right to judge her. Here are some of Iqra Aziz’s bold photos.

Iqra Aziz in Thailand Iqra Aziz Photoshoot Iqra Aziz in Thailand - Family vacations Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain Iqra Aziz in Thaliand Iqra Aziz 2

Iqra aziz at Hum TV Awards 2017
Iqra aziz at Hum TV Awards 2017

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